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The Communications Committee is responsible for clearly defining and creating the methods for effective communication both internally among members of the Association and externally with parties that are of fundamental interest to our overall vision and mission. The key activities of the Committee will be to communicate and promote the Association in an effort to maintain visibility, credibility, accountability and growth.


The Communications Committee Chair will:

  • Coordinate with The Beacon Editor for publishing of the Association's publication;
  • Oversee and work closely with the Website Coordinator and Audiovisual/IT Coordinator;
  • Approve formation of subcommittees to make recommendations to the full Committee and MAACM Board;
  • Coordinate public relations activities;
  • Assist with the design and arrange for publishing of informational brochures;
  • Develop press releases as required;
  • Work with Conference Committee to ensure that all audiovisual needs are met for the annual conference and/or any other educational forum; and
  • Maintain on the Association's website the bylaws, manuals and strategic plan.

Website Coordinator and Advisor:

Website Coordinator and Advisor will be responsible for the following tasks related to the MAACM website (

  • Perform edits, modifications and enhancements to the MAACM website;
  • Coordinate with Technology subcommittee to incorporate committee approved updates, enhancements and features;
  • Coordinate with the Social Media subcommittee related to MAACM's social media policy;
  • Create events for mid-year and annual conferences;
  • Update new vendors on the website as well as all material received from the Conference Committee;
  • Send Email messages as needed; and
  • Work with Treasurer on membership database issues.


Beacon Editor/Coordinator:

The Beacon Sub-Committee will include the Coordinator, an Assistant Editor from each member state and one or two photographers.

The Beacon will continue to be published three (3) times per year. However, the issue release dates will change. The three (3) issues will be as follows:

  • Winter (sent out prior to the end of December), which will cover what occurred at the Annual Conference;
  • Spring (sent out by the end of April), which will promote the Mid-Year Conference, provide information about the upcoming Annual Conference, including a tentative agenda and information about the Plenary speakers and include preliminary Committee Reports; and
  • Summer (sent out by the end of August), which will cover the Mid-Year Conference and end-of-year Committee Reports. This issue can also include an article or two about the upcoming Annual Conference, such as (1) some recommended restaurants, shopping outlets and things to do in the area and (2) some of the planned activities.

The Beacon Editor/Coordinator will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Coordinate all articles, pictures, vendor ads, and general articles for each issue;
  • Coordinate layout with printer (ACS Communications);
  • Review at least 3 proofs before printing final copies; and
  • Send inserts, if needed, to printer for printing and insertion.

The Beacon Associate Editors will be responsible for:

  • Working with Host Reporters and Committee Reports;
  • Gathering articles from Reporters (start 30-45 days prior to the deadline) proof and edit; and
  • Submitting articles to the Beacon Coordinator.

The Committee Members will be responsible for:

  • Periodic submissions of articles, for "What's happening in [their state]" section;
  • Serving on subcommittees established by the Co-chairs; and
  • Assisting Committee coordinators as needed or requested.